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Week 13 of #365DaysOfTB – Men’s Apparel

This is the 13th week recap of my 365 days of Tilt Brush daily art challenge. These are 3D virtual reality immersive paintings of men’s apparel. In this series I use the male dress form to design apparel with various brushes and colors. If you would like to see more description or video content of each painting just click the link after their description. See more series in the 365 Gallery.

Got to have a spangly superhero’s outfit!

This one is a tribal style outfit.

A hoodie vest? Yes.

Where casual and formal meet. Here is a white jacket hoodie and black cargo shorts.

Bad boy/renegade look complete with shoulder and knee pads.

Space Rider is what my viewers named it as I painted this live on stream.

My viewers called this one a Tron suit.

Street Ninja gear for those lurky nights.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my VR Art gallery today! If you would like to learn more about this type of art or have any questions feel free to contact me using the contact form below or follow any of my social media feeds. or visit the VR Art LIVE! community, see you there.

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