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Week 25 of #365DaysOfTB - Silhouettes

This is the 25th week recap of my 365 days of Tilt Brush daily art challenge. These are 3-D virtual reality immersive paintings of silhouettes. I painted these in the virtual reality art app Tilt Brush. There is a black silhouette contrasted with a bright or colorful background in each painting. If you would like to see more information or video content of each painting just click the link after their description. See more series in the 365 Gallery.

Hilly landscape silhouette against a cool colored sky. See more content about this painting.

Celestial hills, one of my favorites of this series! See more content about this painting.

City Lights In Bokeh. The famous one of this series because it is the first time a bokeh effect was achieved in Tilt Brush with a previously unknown perfect disc shape technique. See more about Google Easter eggs in Tilt Brush in TILT BRUSH SECRETS - Perfect Shapes video. See more content about this painting.

Galactic Horizons. Another well-known piece as it is the first half sphere shape to be discovered in Tilt Brush with the secret brush stroke gesture for perfect shapes. See more about this painting. See TILT BRUSH EXPERIMENTS - Extreme Animations about my discovery of the animations in this scene.

Lighthouse Beacon. Another first time ever seen animation. With the Neon Pulse brush as a large sphere the light beacon is animated in this painting. See the animations of this painting and scroll around in it.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my VR Art gallery today! If you would like to learn more about this type of art or have any questions feel free to contact me using the contact form below or follow any of my social media feeds or visit the VR Art LIVE! community, see you there =)

Watch HOW TO TILT BRUSH tutorials on YouTube.

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