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Dark Treehouse

Hey it’s Sabby, artist The Sabby Life. Im a VR artists and virtual experience creator. I love making these worlds and sharing my life in them. This world can be seen as a little dark and depressing but it’s therapeutic, for me anyways. I usually have a lot of energy and to calm myself down I need an opposing energy like dark colors and lo-fi music with emo lyrics, so , welcome to my energy balancing “steam-room”. I have other VRChat world experiences to check out:

Dark Treehouse is a VR art submission for the #YearOfVRArt challenge hosted by VRArtLive It is available as an interactive world in VRChat. In the world you'll find an immense dark tree with climbing steps up the trunk of the tree. Climb the tree to the top using the branches and steps throughout the tree or use the root portal at the bottom of the tree to teleport to random places in the tree. There is a toggle button for the mirror and platform to chill out on to watch the moon and stars in the sky. There are 5 invisible bridges to explore the space away from the island and tree. 4 of the bridges extend from the island at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock when facing the moon. The 5th bridge extends through the particles from the lowest branch of the tree about 4 o'clock of the tree and runs parallel to the mirror and platform. The world has music and the overall atmosphere of this world is to chill and think about things. Dark Treehouse is conceptually connected to the Sitting Garden of the series The Garden.

Please save this world in your VRChat menu, it supports me and lets me know if you like my work!

Thank you for visiting <3

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