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Live Entertainment & Education

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VR Art LIVE! is a newly formed community of VR artists who stream live on various platforms for entertainment and education. If you love to watch streams of artists in their process of virtual reality art or performances then join us in our main hub on discord. Come join the conversation about this hot new art medium and XR industry.

In the VR ART LIVE community you will find artists that stream all virtual reality art apps including but not limited to:

• AnimVR • Google Blocks • Chroma Lab • Playstation Dreams (when it gets the headset compatibility) • Electronauts • Gravity Sketch • Kingspray Grafitti • MasterpieceVR • Oculus Medium • Neos VR • OculusQuill • Google Tilt Brush • TribeXR DJ School • Tvori • ..any other VR Art, VR Animation, VR sculpting, VR design, VR music, VR DJ, or XR art apps


Looking to get started in streaming VR art? There are experienced VR artists in the discord to help you!