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Week 6 of #365DaysOfTB - Floral Line Work

This is the 6th week recap of my 365 days of Tilt Brush daily art challenge. These are 3-D virtual reality immersive paintings. You can find the other weekly series here. During this week I painted a series of floral line work paintings. A pastel palette ties all these paintings together. If you would like to see more about the paintings click the link following each description.

The background/skybox for this painting is the pistachio background option in Tilt Brush, and I used that background color palette in the floral pieces. Paisley designs cover the grass blades and flowing line patterns cover the flower petals. See more content about this painting.

Here I turned up the colors to a more intense spring color palette. The pinks and greens are more intense which brought on more contrast. See more content about this painting.

Mr. Bunny sits at the meeting of two hills staring up at the mountains in the background. In this painting I used a pastel green hue to contrast with the black line work. See more content about this painting.

3 coral heads rest on a coral reef in the sunlight. Slight shadowing on each coral head is seen around the front of each suggesting the sun is shining on the tops. See more content about this painting.

Magical tree fungus grows down the side of an old tree on top of a high hill. These fungus are pastel colored with line work design in a complementing color. See more content about this painting.

Water falls in the background then flows to the front of this flower patch. I used the animated Streamers Brush and Dr. Wigelz Brush to achieve this effect. See more content about this painting.

Pastel corals dance in the water with more animated brushes. The line work is kept mostly in the background for this painting. See more content about this painting.

Two bonus pieces here of more floral line work. The colors are a little deeper than pastel hues and the animated brushes are more dominant in these two pieces. These two paintings were done earlier than the pastel series but I’m including them here since they are the same type of brush stroke style.

The first is more of night time view of the coral heads with their illuminating surfaces. See more content about the first painting.

The second is a sort of rain shower scene of a flower bed planted on a rock wall. One thing I love about the rain is that the plants and flowers look more saturated afterwards. The colors in this painting show that event. See more content about the second painting.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my VR Art gallery today! If you would like to learn more about this type of art feel free to contact me using the contact form below or follow any of my social media feeds.

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