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Week 10 of #365DaysOfTB – Sketchy Objects

This is the 10th week recap of my 365 days of Tilt Brush daily art challenge. These are 3D virtual reality immersive paintings of various objects. In this series I used black, white, and shades of a gray color palette and the style is sketchy lines. The further away you are the more the painting comes into focus. If you would like to see more about each painting just click the link after their description. You can find the other weekly series here.

Layers of thin lines are used to sketch out this pear.

A lion’s portrait is sketched out using the tapered marker brush.

This glass heart pendant is sketched using grays, whites, and blacks to give the illusion of reflective glass.

The effect of a hard reflective diamond is achieved by sketching lines in the shape of a diamond.

Sketchy lines capture the light reflection in this eyeball.

An old ford truck is painted using layers of sketchy lines.

A self-portrait profile view with a steamy mirror effect.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my VR Art gallery today! If you would like to learn more about this type of art feel free to contact me using the contact form below or follow any of my social media feeds or by joining the VR Art LIVE! community.

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