VR Art Lessons│Live Online

The Sabby Life, "Sabby", is an international VR Artist & Performer with a specialty in Tilt Brush. She has created VR art, tutorials, and helped others learn how to create VR art with Tilt Brush, and other vr art apps, since 2018. Get started creating virtual reality art step-by-step with Sabby in personalized private lessons or with your family and friends as a group and begin your journey in this new and exciting art medium!

Current Classes available:


The Art Show│Learn how to use Tilt Brush to create various types of art including VR painting, Sketching & Drawing, Modeling, Mixed Media Collage, and Videography.

Learn the basics, techniques, and advanced uses of Tilt Brush to create art for general use on social media, or to create professional videos or photographs with it's built in cameras. Create your own Curriculum.

PC/Laptop (Full version)

Tilt Brush: VR painting, Sketching & Drawing, Modeling, Mixed Media Collage, and Videography

Subjects: Landscapes, Portraits, 

Program Outline (Yearly Program including Other Apps):

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​Group (Discount):

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Individual Lessons (2hour):

Hybrid Lessons (Basics):