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A Spin in the Multiverse of Sabby Lighf


From my beginnings of experimenting with Tilt Brush to founding a flourishing community called VRArtLive I continue to produce art and share my creative process to help build up the industry of VR art and performance.

“I am quite an explorer — very inquisitive, usually able to figure things out on my own... When I first tried using Tilt Brush I realized that I could use my traditional digital 3D art skills to work this medium. It’s such a new medium that everything felt like a discovery. So I figured that I would have to start experimenting”.

Visit the MOR (Museum of Other Realities) to hear part of my interview! This was such a unique experience to be interviewed and recorded spatially in VR with Adiba. Once you find my exhibit in the museum, just pick up the phone on the wall and you will hear and see me speaking about my journey.

See the posted interview and video by clicking the links below

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