EXHIBIT: VR Art LIVE! with TheSabbyLife at

AWE has gone virtual! This year at the Augmented World Expo I will be streaming from my Twitch channel from within virtual reality and it will be broadcast at the AWE Expo! One of the keynotes on Thursday 5/30/2019 will be streamed and shown in virtual reality. Join me as I host these events for Matrixcore:


May 30th Thursday @2:00 pm PST: Watch from your mobile as my Tilt Brush live stream is broadcast to AWE Expo. See my virtual reality painting work in progress The Last Supper by Davinci. Join in the chat and help me paint accessories for a plank avatar.

Official Eventbrite Page: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/live-vr-art-on-mobile-ft-the-sabby-life-tickets-62395767420#


May 30th Thursday @1 pm PST: Jump into VR with Winston Lowe and I as we host a live stream keynote inside NeosVR’s AWE Lobby on a big screen.


May 31st Friday @ 3:45pm PST: Talk and network with game devs and programmers in the stream chat while I will tour some VR worlds, and show my Luau VR world as well, as my stream is broadcast at the AWE Expo.


Check the Facebook event page for more details.

Register on the Eventbrite page.


Watch my live stream at booth #21 or on your mobile.


Download NeosVR then join us in VR in the AWE Lobby.


Find more VR Art LIVE! entertainment and learning from myself and other VR artists by joining us in our Facebook group or our main hub on Discord!

It's a live expo event..what can go wrong?! xD Watch a live interview from Facebook Spaces with Navah Berg here.

See Matrixcore's tweet with a short video of my broadcast here.

Watch the complete broadcast here if you are a subscriber to my Twitch channel.