The MOR Exhibit - Lignes de Fleurs

Lines and microscopic details of flowers are brought out in this series of virtual reality paintings exhibited in the Museum of Other Realities.

Lignes de Fleurs is a collection of my art pieces that focuses on the lines and patterns I've seen in flowers through a microscope in my microbiology class. I painted these in Tilt brush during my #365DaysOfTB (Tilt Brush) daily art challenge in 2019. You can now see these pieces exhibited in the Museum of Other Realities, a vr museum app available on Steam. When you walk through the blue morph butterflies they gently flap their wings and attach themselves to you. As you get close to the flower pieces you hear atmospheric sounds and effects for an immersive experience. Read more about the details on the animation and music of these pieces on my profile at the MOR by clicking the first world link below.

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