Art Exhibited

XR Art Show │ San Diego
Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender reflects the feeling of finally surrendering to your calling in life. It was featured at the XR Art Show in San Diego and in WaveXR, a virtual reality show venue, by their resident DJs.

The MOR Exhibit - Lignes de Fleurs

Lines and microscopic details of flowers are brought out in this series of virtual reality paintings exhibited in the Museum of Other Realities.

The Last Supper at AWE 2019

The Last Supper virtual reality painting process was painted in front of a live audience at the AWE 2019 conference. While streaming I interacted with the live audience on Twitch and at the AWE 2019 conference held in Santa Clara.

How To Tilt Brush Tutorial Series

How to Tilt Brush tutorials Part 1 shows you how to get started with using Tilt Brush, a virtual reality art app.

Da Vinci Paints the Mona Lisa

Da Vinci gazes at his model as she sits for one of the most famous portraits in the world. This virtual reality painting has been written about, featured, and exhibited throughout 2019.